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Seller Spotlight **Flow Life Tailoring **

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The care and attention that goes into Nora's beautiful creations is evident from her choice of natural fabrics to her unique designs.

With an eye on being eco friendly she has also designed reversible items so you can get as much wear as possible from her stunning pieces.

Welcome, my name is Nóra.

This is a place where you can meet my items which were created with hand and heart!

Since my childhood I have been passionate about creating hand-made garments and accessories, and wish to share my passion with you. I am also passionate about movement; hiking and dancing.

I am now a dressmaker, based in Ireland but originally from Budapest. I live in Galway with my beautiful soulmates - my husband and two busy kids.

Since I have had children, I have been engaged in creating children’s clothing. Here you can find some clothing for every occasion in daily life, and some special skirts and dresses, too.

I like to work with carefully selected natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, lace, cotton-satin and shantung never go out of fashion, are good for the environment, are comfortable, and give a natural look. If I cannot avoid using man-made fibres, I use recycled materials.

We try our best to be a green family – we have a range of reusable items at home which I have created, and you can find some of them in my shop, too.

If you are interested in my bespoke garments you can found some more on my site -

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