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You, Me & a Cup of Tea ***Seller Spotlight*** The Duffy Tea and Beverage Company

“When your day is topsy-turvy and stormy as can be, there is nothing quite as tranquil as a nice hot cup of tea.”

No truer words were said, and there is no better tea to choose from, than one of the many wonderful, hand-picked blends from The Duffy Tea and Beverage Company. Created right here in Galway by entrepreneur Aisling Duffy, the story of Duffy’s tea started all the way back in 2013, when, like so many other families, Aisling and her own clan upped sticks during the recession and moved to Canada. It was during her time there that Aisling was introduced to the vast and interesting world of tea and herbs, the benefits they can have and the wonderful variety, flavour and quality that is available.

“As Irish people we are considered a tea loving nation, but for such big tea lovers our palate is quite limited. We are fixed on a few mass-produced brands and flavours, and I wanted to change that, so I made the plan to bring my newfound knowledge home with me. After returning home and falling into the 9 to 5 trap, the pandemic hit, and I lost my job. I had a choice to sink or swim, and I chose swim, and so the Duffy Tea & Beverage Company was born.

It took a lot of time and research to source the right ingredients and suppliers that could provide me with quality ingredients at a price that was right, but, more importantly, ingredients that were ethically sourced. I wanted to make sure all our ingredients came from farms where labour conditions were good, and farmers are treated fairly.

After achieving this, our first 10 blends were created, and I went on to launch the Duffy Tea and Beverage Company, which, just over a year later, is now host to over 40 different blends. We also create custom teas for other Irish businesses and are currently Ireland’s only manufacturer of Irish grown CBD tea.”

All of this Aisling has done while being a mother to two children, a wife and a home maker.

“I am proud of my journey as I feel it is a testament to what can be done when you set your mind to it. It hasn’t always been an easy journey and anyone who tells you setting up your own business while being a mammy is easy is kidding you, and themselves! It’s a road filled with bumps, ups and down and challenges that will make you question yourself on a regular basis. But, despite all that, it has been such a rewarding journey. The support of organisations such as the Enterprise Board, and social enterprises like Umbrella Eile, has made the process so much easier. I have made lifelong connections that I cherish.

For anyone thinking of making a leap of faith, I say go for it, reach out to the right supports and take the plunge. Why not!? After all, ‘Life is just like a nice cup of tea - it’s all about the right ingredients and how you make it. Put in the right stuff, take time to make it properly and the results will speak for themselves.’”

You can taste the results for yourself and chose your own blend this weekend from Aisling in person at the Umbrella Eile market at the Galway Rowing Club. Or make your way over to, and follow Duffy's Teas on the links below:

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Lauren Dolan
Lauren Dolan
23 sept 2021

Gorgeous products, loved the ones I’ve tried so far!

Me gusta
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