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***Seller Spotlight*** Adventurous Stitches

Adventurous Stitches is a unique collection of macrame creations by artist Egle Useliene Naveckaite – nature lover, mother of two and wife to a most supportive husband. Born by accident, Adventurous Stitches emerged from Egle’s curiosity and constant drive to explore new things, her love for crafts and need to keep anxiety at bay.

“The adventure started from one plant hanger I needed for our house and ended with my own studio where all my bespoke handmade fibre pieces are made. I like quirky, odd and unusual designs. The colours you'll find in my creations are usually neutral and calm but, from time to time, I like throwing something bold and screaming into my works too.”

With her inner nature lover speaking through her work, all of Egle’s pieces are handmade using only 100% recycled and natural materials. Among her creations you'll find small pieces like keyrings and wedding favours, as well as bigger pieces like medium size wall hangings - but her biggest satisfaction comes from creating big decor pieces like partitions, extra-large wall hangings and wedding backdrops.

“The bigger, the bolder, the better!”

Anything you see in her online shop today is 100% customisable to suit your own needs and preferences, and Egle welcomes people to get in touch and chat to find the best fitting decor piece. Custom orders and collaborations, small or big, are always welcome and she can be contacted through any of her social media channels to chat everything fibre and macrame.

You can find Egle at our weekly Sunday Artisan markets at the Rowing Club in Woodquay or shop online at

Facebook and Instagram @AdventurousStitches

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