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Seller Spotlight ***Pat Flannery Artist***

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Gorgeous Watercolour Paintings with a stunning unique Homewares range is what you can expect from Pat Flannery, an Award-Winning Professional Irish Artist, based in Galway.

“Seeing the beauty in the Ordinary”

“I use watercolour paint on paper to create beautiful paintings, which are full of colour and focus on the expression and detail. As an artist I find myself blessed that I have the vision to see beauty in the ordinary and the ability to be able to recreate it on paper. My goal as an

artist is to create a piece of art to uplift and inspire my clients to pause, to escape from their day-to-day realities, enter a calm space and reconnect with memories”

Pat is a wife, a mother to five children and an art enthusiast, with an undying love for painting. Now her children have all reached adulthood, she has embraced, “A LIFE OF CREATIVITY”.

She is one of a growing number of women who’ve chosen to ditch the 9-5 job, to try for a path in life that is more fulfilling to her.

“I hope to Inspire people to be their real self - create their own 360 journey back to the REAL them.”

The ethos of her business which she conveys through art has many layers is: -

To not allow the fast life to get on top of you,

To stop hiding in a life you don’t want.

To not wait until you retire to follow your dream.

To become your true person.

To overcome fear in your life, and to learn to use your voice.

To discover your natural talents and get over not being good enough.

And, most importantly to allow people to see the real you!

Pat’s collection includes, Original art, Limited Edition Prints, Blank Greeting Cards, and a

Homewares Range.

She has paintings are in private collection in America, Australia & England.

Social media handles below: -

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Lauren Dolan
Lauren Dolan
Sep 23, 2021

Stunning work Pat, loved the article 💫


Upcycle In Style
Upcycle In Style
Aug 12, 2021

Great article Pat

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