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Seller Spotlight **She Vibes**

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

'She Vibes' by Karolina is a sea of colour snd creativity. Her stunning bright and bold rope neck pieces are a true statement for someone who is looking for that wow piece.

She works in yarn felt and fabric to create the most adorable fairies ,keyrings, wreaths & headbands also. Each piece is joyous in it's appearance and use of colour.

"My name is Karolina. I am Polish, living in Galway for the past 16 years. As well as being active Montessori Teacher I am also jewellery designer based in Galway/Furbo. I make African jewellery inspired rope necklaces. I use different types of materials but the basic ropes are always yarn wrapped.

My pieces are big and bold but I think they give a space for creativity of my customers so they can mix and match the ropes between the sets . I am also needle felting, using Irish wool : ornaments, key rings, fully customised family themed decorations, babywearing ornaments, figurines etc. One of my top products are also wire headbands which are perfect for either adults or children"

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