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Seller Spotlight **Emerald & Wax**

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Virtue Shine brings a rainbow of colour to our lives with her stunning creations. Not only does she make the must have wrap shirt she also designs and makes the most amazing dresses, jackets and coats in bright and beautiful wax fabrics.

Each piece is made with attention to detail and stunning in its originality, pattern and design.

Understanding the importance of reducing waste Virtue makes full use of her off cuts by using them to make the cutest plush animal toys, headties, button collars and handbags to name just a few of her creations.

Born in Accra, Ghana, on the West Coast of Africa, and grew up in New York City. A self-taught designer, crafted and maker, she lives in Barna with her 4 boys, husband and a very cute dog Loki.

She draws a lot her inspiration from a combination of deep love and passion of the ever changing street fashion of New York, the amazing culture and fashion of Japan, and the many seasons of Ireland which paints Wild Atlantic way in Galway.

This cultural inspiration pairs perfectly with the explosion of colour that you see thru out her designs, which are intentionally made to brighten up today’s modern woman who has the confidence to easily embrace exciting designs wrapped in bold beautiful colours.

To brighten your day browse her stunning creations on

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