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All The Falling Stones ***Seller Spotlight***

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

If you love history, hidden places and striking photography you will love All The Falling Stones - a unique collection of handmade photo art blocks, prints and greeting cards by photographer Claire Loader, created using images taken at some of the many wonderful historic sites and ruins to be found throughout the countryside.

Originally from New Zealand, Claire spent several years in China before moving to the west of Ireland, where her passion for photographing ruins first began.

“I first moved to the west of Ireland over ten years ago and was completely taken in by its hidden treasures, a land dotted with the crumbling vestiges of history, stones steeped almost in magic.

I remember so well my first real ‘wow’ moment: Ballykine Castle just slinking out of the trees, like a hidden spectre. I was out walking in Clonbur woods, when what I thought was a shadow, suddenly became stone and then looming before me was this castle, hundreds of years old – a secret amidst the branches.

I soon came to discover Ireland was brimming with such treasures and I’ve spent the last twelve years trying to find them. I love anything that speaks of ages, of origins, that lets me feel for a moment the small space that I hold in time. Ireland to me is simply bewitching and I hope to capture that with my photography.”

All of Claire’s art blocks, cards and prints are handmade in her small Caherlistrane studio in County Galway and available through her website where you will also find her travel blog and more of her stunning photography.

Or follow All The Falling Stones here:

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2 Komentar

Lauren Dolan
Lauren Dolan
23 Sep 2021

Loved reading your story Claire & love your creations 💫


Egle Useliene
Egle Useliene
11 Sep 2021

Thanks so much for sharing your story 😊

Wishing you all the best 🤗

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