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Umbrella Eile Corrib Shopping Centre Pop-Up

Umbrella Eile began with an idea to bring together local artisan producers and small businesses in Galway to help support each other to grow and learn. Last year we were so happy to bring to Galway a weekly artisan market filled with fabulous, handcrafted products and this year we are equally as thrilled to have our very own pop-up shop right in the heart of Galway City!

For the last few weeks, and every day right up to the 23rd of December, you can find a wonderful array of locally made gifts all under the one roof at the Corrib Shopping Centre, directly opposite the entrance to Sports Direct.

The shop is run for our members by our members and wouldn’t be possible without everyone volunteering their time and skills to make it happen. Alone we would never have been able to achieve what we have, but together we have created something magic, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone in this amazing city!

We would like to thank so much the many people who have visited us, shared our social media posts and helped us in our journey. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a bright year ahead.

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1 Comment

Nov 02, 2023
You are wonderful. 7m
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