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📣 Galway City & County

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Buy, sell, barter, offer, seek... local services & local products. You can do it all. This is a grassroots movement, a community building enterprise and we need you.

There has never been a better time for the sharing economy to explode!! Power is changing hands and above all else, we have seen all over the world, the solidarity, strength and kindness in our communities.

We are a group of volunteers, and we want to build the wealth of our Galway community together, with you. Social wealth increases when we work together for mutual benefit, when we connect and support each other, and when every decision we make is for the good of all.

It’s time to change how we do business and rather than profit for the few, it needs to be prosperity for all. This starts at an individual and local level, supporting trade and exchange within our community.

The decisions we make as individuals, and in our professional work as buyers, sellers, all exchanges of goods and services, needs to consider at all times....People, Planet and Prosperity. 💜

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