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Wild West Sourdough

Homebaked white wheat sourdough using premium quality Italian wheat flour (from Napoli, where the best sourdough pizza comes from), Slovak wheat flour (I want to put a bit of my country's Earth's into each loaf) and an Organic Doves Farm white bread flour. This international blend, married with Galway's air and water, and boosted by taste tingling and aroma stimulating properties of caraway seeds and/or dillsk, makes my sourdough unique.

Truly delicious either simply buttered with an unsalted butter, or prepared into a rustic sandwich.

Price: €5 per loaf (weight can flactuate between 800g-900g). Specify your preference upon pre-ordering a loaf, from the option noted below.


A-plain white wheat sourdough 

B-white wheat sourdough with caraway seeds

C-white wheat sourdough with dillsk

D-white wheat sourdough with caraway seeds & dillsk

E-plain white wheat sourdough with sesame seeds topping

F-plain white wheat sourdough with poppy seeds topping

G-plain white wheat sourdough with chia seeds

If you'd like to mix any of the above ingredients in your loaf, please specify it in your order request (no additional charges will apply).

I hope you will enjoy my bread.


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