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Water Jewellery gift

Water from the Holy Wells of Ireland, Irish Connemara Marble bead alongside tiny glass rice vial pendant.


This tiny little glass vial contains water carefully collected from the Holy Wells of Ireland, and is paired in a little Connemara Marble Gemstone bead to remind you of Ireland. For anyone who is looking for a creative Irish gift this is the perfect little pendant. Great for bridesmaid gifts, holy communion gifts, wedding favours or just as a little reminder of your time connection to Ireland.


Connemara marble is over 600 million years old. It is found only in a remote area in the West of Ireland. It is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone was heated under pressure, producing a hard granular rock. Its unique green colour symbolizes Ireland and is caused by the presence of various elements. It is said to bring serenity to those who keep it close.


This is genuine water which I collected myself one snowy day earlier this year. The trees around the well were ringing and rustling with the sound of the ribbons and little items people had left as offerings. Holy wells are places of popular devotion where people come to pray and leave simple offerings. They invariably tend to date from pre-Christian times, during which they served as a form of natural religion in which the well was held to be sacred. There are hundreds of holy wells all over Ireland, many of them still in use. They vary greatly in appearance, some are very simple, decorated only with rounded river pebbles, others are highly ornate and adorned with holy statues, medals, pictures, rosary beads, flowers and candles. Many of the wells were famous for their power to heal. These lovely little glass vial measure 2.5 cm ( 1 inch ) to top of glass and can be worn alongside other jewelry or by itself. This listing is for one single glass vial charm pendant with silver jump ring and semi precious Connemara bead, presented in little gift box with a 1mm cotton waxed cord. The cap on the little vial is sealed to ensure the contents remain safe. This water is not for drinking and is intended for use as a talisman or amulet only.


These pendants are designed to wear as jewelry and are hardened glass, however, anyone purchasing these little gifts for a child under 12 should do so with the awareness that they are in fact glass and can be broken if it comes under extreme pressure. I will wrap this little pendant carefully and send it gift boxed.


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