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Vedic Astrology

Astrology has become more available to anyone on a quest for self-knowledge, because of computers. We can easily create charts and they will do all the calculations to assess the strengths of the houses and the planets. However, we have to be patient as it is not an open book and only as we become ready through our spiritual practice will the realisations start to dawn about the true nature of who we are and the roles we have to play. There are many influences to be considered (with stars) and initially it may seem overwhelming. Especially Vedic Astrology because there are so many foreign words we need to learn and even when we have a translation we still don’t understand the concept enough to apply it to our lives. AS I said we just have to be patient and know when the time is right the teacher appears. For more information on our current weekly zoom classes please contact me on the above details. You can also visit my website


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