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The Tapestry of Life Ebook

Set in Galway city, The Tapestry of Life is a tribute to the power of community. The story follows three generations of women as they try to find their place in the world. Over the course of a few weeks, their lives collide and they are changed forever as a result. Themes of community, belonging and friendship are at the heart of this warm-hearted story.                                "The Tapestry of Life is a book that takes you by surprise. It’s a deceptively simple story, about the lives of ordinary people. But through her characters Celine O’Donovan gives a sharp, and insightful commentary about modern society; our treatment of mental illness, our disregard for older people, and the safety net of community. It’s a book about bravery, discovery, and most importantly, friendship. Roll on the sequel."
Also available on Amazon (paper back and kindle edition) More ways to contact"> McInerney, RTE broadcaster and journalist


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