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Gaeltacht Gorse soy wax candle

Scents of Galway's Gaeltacht Gorse candle celebrates two characteristics unique to Galway; its language and flora.

'Gaeltacht' is the Irish language word given to regions where ‘Irish’ is the main language spoken. Gorse is a native evergreen shrub that grows wild throughout Galway. The delicate floral aroma characteristic of the bright, yellow flowers, adds to the unique identity of this region.


Our Gaeltacht Gorse natural soy candle is made using sustainable soy wax giving a cleaner, steadier burn. High-quality essential oils of sweet orange, patchouli and ylang-ylang are carefully blended to recreate the subtle, sweet scent of golden gorse flowers; not only are you experiencing the therapeutic benefits that only natural essential oils can offer, you are bringing a piece of the Galway countryside straight into your home. Relax and enjoy!

  • Made of 100% natural soy wax for a superior, cleaner burn
  •  Blended with the sweet orange, patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils
  •  40+ hour burn time
  •  100% cotton wick
  • Burn for at least two hours the first time, to avoid ‘tunnelling’ (where candle burns down the middle)


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