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Connaught Crosses - Medium

Connaught Crosses by Rhys Works.  A beautiful traditional gift as a decorative feature, especially in a new home and/or new baby to bring good luck and invite St Brighids blessings into your home. 


Usually made with straw or rushes, Rhys who is only 10 years old, makes the cross with wool and is so happy to be reviving this traditional craft dating back to the late 17th century!


These crosses can be customised to your choice of up to 3 colours (options in image above), size and style.  You can choose which sticks, natural or coloured on a single or quadruple cross.


The diamond or lozenge style cross gives the Connaught cross its unique style.  Originally made by women and children as part of a celebration and feast to honor St Brighid and gain her protection against fire, flood, famine, lightning, evil spirits and epidemic. 


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