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Cloth Sanitary Pad - MEDIUM- Halloween Theme

Ready to ship - Limited Edition


These will be your period companion


Choosing reusable menstrual products brings benefits to individual health as well as the collective health of our environment as nothing will end up polluting our landfills. No more packaging to deal with.


They are more comfortable and can last for years with the proper care.


  • 10.5 inch / 26.5 cm length
  • 2.5" snapped width


  • A basic round shape pad
  • Ideal for Front, Centre and Back bleeder
  • Suitable for Low to Medium Flow


This is a Ready to ship item, made by hand using high quality materials.


Different topper cotton prints to choose from and microfleece backer colours available , please make your selection to suit your preferences.


Don't hesitate to get in touch for advise on what to pick, I am available to answer to your specific needs.


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