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The Listening Tree. Children's Ebook

GFMW04E      The Listening Tree. Befriending Nature.

★★ What better way to spend time with a child than enjoying armchair storytelling? ★★

Imagine these golden moments where important social issues can be explored!

With relatable animal characters, who all have to find their way through difficult topics that children have to face nowadays, this Irish children’s fairytale book provides a solid basis for healthy discussions with children about social issues such as friendship, bullying, kindness, compassion, the meaning of family, honesty, lifestyle choices, depression, and more.


All are purposeful storybooks for children aged 6 to 12 for individual reading or group discussions on social topics.


Description of Book: The Listening Tree. Befriending Nature.


Johanna runs away from home. On her journey, she takes a rest at a tree. Surprisingly the tree starts to talk to her and then, listen to her problems. The tree becomes a valued friend, listening and offering advice all through her lifetime. The story highlights the importance of nature in our lives, as well as the meaning of family, the importance of honesty and reputation, the need for compassion, the importance of saying sorry, and more...


Social Topics of This Book:


  • Guidance in Life
  • Meaning Of Family
  • Honesty


Merlin Woods Series


Book 1: Flappy. The Pigeon Who Overcame Bullying

Book 2: Billa & Buster. The Circle of Kindness

Book 3: The Golden Key of Wisdom. A Journey into Teamwork.

Book 4: The Listening Tree. Befriending Nature.

Book 5: Emily & Tristan. How Friends Can Make a Difference.




All books are available in Paperback Format and in Ebook format.



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