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Galway Fairytales Compilation Children's Ebook



Galway Fairytales Compilation Book. All the Merlin Woods stories in one book.


Looking for educational books for social skills that children will love?


Enjoy these Irish Fairytales with discussions around antibullying, depression, animal responsibility, caring for the elderly, friendships, teamwork, etc. They will be a wonderful source of accelerating learning for children.


Not only their vocabulary but also their skills of understanding, listening, problem-solving, speaking up, will reap the benefits, as well as provide wonderful teaching experiences.


The products mentioned here include:

Galway Fairytales Compilation Book

Book 1: Flappy. The Pigeon Who Overcame Bullying  

Book 2: Billa & Buster. The Circle of Kindness

Book 3: The Golden Key of Wisdom. A Journey into Teamwork. 

Book 4: The Listening Tree. Befriending Nature.

Book 5: Emily & Tristan. How Friends Can Make a Difference.


All books are available in Paperback Format and in Ebook format. All are purposeful storybooks for children aged 6 to 12 for individual reading or group discussions on social topics.


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