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Celtic Zodiac Hawk pendant (small version)

This pendant features a majestic Celtic hawk. It is posed seconds before an assault on its chosen prey, outstretched wings adorned with extremely finely detailed feathers. The hawk/falcon is the 13th Celtic Zodiac Animal (November 25th – December 23rd) Blessed with incredible vision, they can soar higher than any of the other Zodiac animals and thus can obtain an amazing global perspective which others cannot. Those born under this Zodiac sign tend to be naturally curious and drawn to philosophy and complex concepts. They are independent free-thinking idealists. They never mindlessly embrace one dogma, and are known for merging concepts from various sources, to form their own moral code. If the Hawk is your birth sign, odds are that you are also an adventurous person, who loves to explore mentally, spiritually and physically. Optimistic, intelligent and cunning are other attributes which you almost certainly possess.

Created by SWAIR-Designs


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