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Celtic Art Spiral Pendant, Etched in Brass

Celtic Art Spiral Pendant, Etched in Brass, from The Book of Kells. Designed by me and etched here in Ireland. The pendant is 0.7 mm thick, 2.8 cm wide ( 1.1 inch ) and sold with an adjustable brown waxed cotton necklace. This design is also available as a pendant and earrings in Brass as pictured. The Spiral as a symbol and as an ornament had a beginning at the dawn of mans intelect. With very few exeptions the constructions by insects, birds and animals are made by circular motions. Spirals adorn Irish Stone Age monuments at Newgrange, dating from 2,500 B.C. A left moving Spiral is veiwed as anti sunwise. Most of natures Spirals are to the right. The Scottish Highlanders sword dance, being a war dance, is anti sunwise, but finishes sunwise as a symbol of victory.


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