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Celtic Art Cuff

Pictish Brass Cuff from St Vigean's Stone, designed and hand finished by myself here in Ireland.

The design is transferred via a negative photographic process then etched by acid, a technique used since the middle ages, then oxidised to render the background black. This is done, by hand in Scotland by a family run business, the rest of the work, softening the edges, forming and polishing is done here in my apartment, for now.


All of the Cuffs are suitable for both the largest of Men and most petite of Women.

The cuff is 16.5 cm long ( 6.5 inch ) and 1.3 cm wide ( 0.5 inch ) Brass being a soft metal is easily formed to accommodate all wrists sizes.

This design is also available as a pendant, ring and earrings as pictured. The Cuff, ring and pendant are available in Sterling Silver to the same specifications. I will have these and many of my other designs up and viewable in the coming weeks.


The Spiral as a symbol and as an ornament had a beginning at the dawn of mans intelect.
With very few exeptions the constructions by insects, birds and animals are made by circular motions.


Spirals adorn Irish Stone Age monuments at Newgrange, dating from 2,500 B.C.

A left moving Spiral is veiwed as anti sunwise. Most of natures Spirals are to the right.
The Scottish Highlanders sword dance, being a war dance, is anti sunwise, but finishes sunwise as a symbol of victory.


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