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Celtic Art Cuff Etched in Brass, Variation of Dirk Handle twist

Celtic Brass Cuff, designed and hand finished by myself here in Ireland. This design is variation of a Dirk handle twist. A design found on a short dagger of a kind formerly carried by Scottish Highlanders. The design is transferred via a negative photographic process then etched by acid, a technique used since the middle ages, then oxidised to render the background black. This is done, by hand in Scotland by a family run business, the rest of the work, softening the edges, forming and polishing is done here in my apartment, for now. All of the Cuffs are suitable for both the largest of Men and most petite of Women. The cuff is 16.5 cm long ( 6.5 inch ) and 1.3 cm wide ( 0.5 inch ) Brass being a soft metal is easily formed to accommodate all wrists sizes. I have this design etched into earrings and ring in Brass and Sterling Silver. Kotwork. Imitation of the three dimensional art of plaiting, weaving and basketry are present in the works of many ancient cultures as far back as 20,000 B.C. It wasnt until the Picts and later the Celts that this art form achieved such complexity. As a symbol of continunity, interlacing is found on the ornamental cross slab stones throughout Scotland and Ireland. Please feel free to ask any further questions.


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