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Baby Zero Waste Kit

NEW Arrival 

Baby Zero Waste kit gift set contains:


1  Burp Cloth

2  Animal Shape Face wipes

1 Teething Ring


All items are handmade with quality materials, 100 % cotton and Bamboo Terry


The Burp cloth is shaped to sit iin place on  the shoulder, will be ideal to catch any baby reflux or even can be used wet or dry as a large body wipe.


The Teetiing Ring is rabbit-shaped ears are made of a cotton fabric on one side and bamboo terry fabric on the other side. The ring, is made of untreated natural wood and is safe for chewing.
Its shape and lightness allow a good grip for the little ones. Easy cleaning as the ears can be removed and machine washed at 40 cycle and the ring can be hand washed with soap and water, and let air dry.


The Face wipes are cat of fox ear animal shapes, key product to  have in your bathroom and on the go. They can be used wet or dry. Made of cotton and bamboo terry.


All are handmade and reusable, no unnecessary waste.


Ideal Newborn or baby shower giftt set


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