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Arms, ABS & Back Training Home/Gym

6 wk Sexy  Arms, Back & ABS Challenge  (6 months access)


This program will help you with shredding your upper body - arms, back but also your abs.

  • What will you find here?
  • 30 Mix and match workouts (train from 20 - 40 minutes/day) 4-6 /a week.
  • 30 Muscle toning - building and shaping programs.
  • 15 Metabolism boosting programs.
  • 30 Stretches.
  • Exercise Library with over 30 exercises explained from scratch.
  • 6 wk Diet Plan
  • Facebook Support Group  - (it is called THE NON-STOPPERS) - where a bunch of busy women support each other.

Required equipment 

All you will need to complete the whole program are: 

  • A medium and medium-hard, long resistance bands.

  • Two sets of dumbbells (light and medium weight) .





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