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The Triple Bottom Line

“The central premise is simple: the goal of economic activity should be about meeting the core needs of all but within the means of the planet.

The world is experiencing a series of shocks and surprise impacts which are enabling us to shift away from the idea of growth to ‘thriving’, Raworth says. “Thriving means our wellbeing lies in balance. We know it so well in the level of our body. This is the moment we are going to connect bodily health to planetary health.” Read more.

As a social enterprise Umbrella Eile makes decisions that consider the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity. This allows us to bring these elements together to create financial, social and environmental viability.

Working together towards a collaborative or sharing economy, they ensure the foundation for true sustainable development. Creating opportunities to improve our social wealth, by coming together to further our mutual interests.

Collaborative / sharing economy
Collaborative economy

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