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Supporting Communities to Thrive

⭐️ We are an amazing nation of entrepreneurs, producers, artists, growers, creative makers, innovators of all kinds. With such a speedy increase in the online presence of all of these Irish micro enterprises, it is so inspiring to see the quantity & quality of Irish produ

cts & services available throughout our island.

Over the past few weeks more & more initiatives are popping up online, committed to connecting these communities of traders & small businesses. A lot of them are voluntary efforts. Reminding and encouraging us all to shop local, buy Irish and support small business.

@thedoorstepmarket, @justbuyirish,, @portershed open for business, @neighbourfoodoranmore, @umbrellaeile Island Market and I’m sure there’s more!

Grateful to be part of this grassroots movement and we stand in solidarity with all communities nationwide, in supporting local trade and enterprise, without which we wouldn’t survive 💜

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