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***Seller Spotlight*** Things Sophie Makes

Things Sophie Makes is a collection of gorgeously colourful crochet creations by Galway native Sophie Ronan. A student of product design, Sophie's love of handcrafts started at a young age when she was taught to knit in primary school - she fell in love with the skill and spent every spare minute of the day with knitting needles in hand. She then moved onto crochet and began embellishing her clothing and anything else she could with crocheted flowers and trims.

While a family friend started her off with the basics, Sophie’s crochet skills are mostly self-taught and came about as a result of a lot of crochet magazines and a ferocious amount of trial and error.

Over the years, Sophie dedicated herself to her education and pursuing a career in design and although she still found ways of being creative, knitting and crochet took a back seat.

“Over the years, I picked up various projects, but I always found myself too busy to finish them.”

Then the pandemic hit and like many people, she had some spare time on her hands.

“I started to crochet a blanket for my boyfriend’s parents as a housewarming gift and I was instantly hooked!”

She started to crochet more and more and come up with her own designs and just like that Things Sophie Makes was born. Sophie specialises in a wide range of slow made wares such as handmade tops, hats, bandanas and earrings, all with a fun, young and colourful aesthetic.

“Everything you see in my shop has been lovingly designed and handmade by me. I create everything by hand meaning all of my items are slow made and have far less of an environmental impact than fast fashion products.”

Sophie only uses Irish suppliers, with all of her yarn, jewellery findings and packaging coming from other Irish businesses. She is also conscious of sustainability and makes sustainable, reusable products such as face cloths and cotton makeup removal rounds.

“I find crochet so relaxing, it’s my way of unwinding after a long day. I love snuggling up with my crochet hook and a ball of yarn and creating something I can share with the world. It’s a very cathartic skill.”

Sophie’s work is available to buy from her website or you can reach out to her on Instagram with any questions:


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