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***Seller Spotlight*** Con Artist

With their trademark geometric shapes and sharp, modern design, Con Artist handcrafted concrete products bring a splash of style and sophistication to your home. Designed and crafted right here in Galway by Quebec born artist Vik Doucet, Con Artist came about through a journey of experimentation with a number of different art mediums, with Vik finally landing on concrete as her design material of choice.

“I’ve been into crafting and making for as long as I can remember. I learnt to sew when I was 5 and at the age of 10 was making Halloween costumes with my mother. I would spend loads of time with my granny and we would spend the whole-time making things out of whatever we would find around or things she had recycled. Over the years, I learnt many different skills such as leatherwork, moulding, landscaping, jewelry making, sculpting and fashion and interior design… Anything I could learn I did.

I come from a background that was not the most joyful and have had many issues with anger management in the past; creating has always help me through tougher times.

In the past year, I realized that my current work as a social worker was not suitable anymore, so I threw myself into different online courses while working night shifts. This is when I got curious about working with concrete. I have always been interested in this medium but never really saw how I could make it into pretty things. Then I did!!”

Like any artists journey, Vik’s has been one of trial and error, resulting in a fabulous collection of candle holders, planters, bowls and plates.

“I tested moulds and material with different colours, shapes, and solidity. Concrete, an environmentally responsible material, is basically limitless in its applications and is nearly perfect for creating original furniture and lifestyle products. So, I thought, this is it!

I started making moulds and bought a few more ‘complicated’ shapes. Day after day I kept experimenting and got into what I wanted to make, beautiful, sustainable designs that I can show off.

I create concrete pieces using mostly Irish products, from the making process through to packaging. I get inspired from current events in my life or in the world and Irish landscapes, let myself just be in the moment and simply make.

This journey has brought some ups and downs, it’s a constant evolution and I’m please with what I make and how vast the world of concrete is. It’s fantastic being able to turn a material that is usually not know for being appealing to the eye into a product that looks different, industrial, a bit masculine and original.”

You will find Vik and her unique handcrafted pieces at our Sunday Artisan Market at the Galway Rowing Club or buy online at

Want to see more? Follow Con Artist on the following links:

Instagram: @conartistireland

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