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Seller Spotlight **Essential Sew**

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Zero waste has never looked prettier. This stunning range of products is a must for any environmentally conscious household.

All handsewn in stunning fabrics they will brighten your day while you do your bit to save the planet ♻

"Hi everyone,

I am Myriam, born in France, I moved to beautiful Ireland 20 years ago. Discovered Galway 6 years ago, the town and people won my heart.

Conscious for years about wastage, overconsuming and the impact on our environment, it was time for change.

Starting from home I thought myself how to sew and it was the begining of an amazing passion for sewing, fabrics and zero waste.

"Essential Sew" combine all three.

The creation of reusable essential items that we all use on a daily basis as disposable.

From the kitchen with kitchen rolls, to the bathroom with face wipes and hygienic pads to on the go with produce bulk bags and sandwich wraps, you are guaranteed a decrease in waste and an increase in savings and minimised impact on our landfills.

You will brighten up your day with fresh, fun, colourful fabrics that can be used over and over again"

A bientôt


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