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📣 ‘Profit for Purpose’

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

What does that mean?

Each time you make a purchase on Umbrella Eile’s Local Online Marketplace or spread the news about it, here’s what happens in Galway:

➡️ You provide a direct income for a local artist, maker, food producer, service provider, small business owner.

➡️ You improve the chances for a local business to survive and thrive.

➡️ Any profit made from the sale goes directly to the Galway community to support local enterprise and local causes for positive social impact.

➡️ You directly impact on and influence the economic, social and environmental health of our community here in Galway.

Being a social enterprise our profits go directly back into our local community. What we care about is People, Planet & Prosperity for all.

Anyone can join...Membership is only 25€ for the year and you will be directly supporting your local community here in Galway.

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