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Galway’s newest social enterprise

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Together, as a group of Galway entrepreneurs we began a journey to find a new way to connect buyers and sellers of goods and services in our community. Collectively we worked through how this would look and work, and we cocreated Umbrella Eile.

Umbrella Eile is a local community supporting independent traders and small business owners. Everyone in the community is welcome to be a part of Umbrella Eile, whether you are a supporter, buyer or a seller of local goods and services.

Be part of a new way of doing business and change how you can influence and shape the health and wealth of your community. Visit your local Galway market, and buy from your favourite local traders, from wherever you are! Supporting the community couldn’t be easier. A social enterprise in your community that supports local business while giving back. Some of the benefits of this innovative business model type are:

  • Shared ownership in an innovative, local, community based social enterprise.

  • Access to both physical and online marketplace platforms.

  • Part of a network of local independent traders and small business owners doing business with a conscience.

  • Access to mentor and peer-to-peer support.

  • One voice representing you, together we are stronger.

  • Social impact in your community.

Now more than ever the importance of supporting local and buying local is at the forefront. As a group of local business people we understand the obstacles that face local traders and we appreciate the importance of coming together during these challenging times to support each other.

We have worked together behind the scenes through this global pandemic, to bring something new and collaborative to the community with local Galway buyers and traders in mind. The result is the exciting launch of Galway’s first local online marketplace. If you have any queries or would like to find out more please get in touch.

Image courtesy of local artist Julia Babikova

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