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Buzz of the Solitary Bee

Article by Claire Loader - All The Falling Stones

Being a crafter can be quite a solitary existence. Toiling away on our own, wondering, in the quiet hours, if other artists, other makers feel like they too are simply plodding along in the dark, propelled forward by some strange need to create, this passion, with only the faintest hope the fruits of our labour will delight others as much as they did us making them.

In showing our work we must be careful, selecting a special few to bare ourselves to, to help us tweak our craft, without crushing us in the process. Gentle guidance until we feel we are ready, to stand on the edge of the cliff, exposed.

Bringing your products to market for the first time is a daunting experience - arranging your creations out carefully for the judgment of all, cautiously peering into the eyes of each potential customer, trying to quietly gauge their thoughts.

And then there is that first smile, that first compliment, admiring hands hovering. Many artists prefer to stay solitary, to work on their craft without the need to stand then and sell it. But very few can say they dislike that little buzz, that flutter in your heart when you see someone just as in love with your work as you are. To make someone else smile doing what makes you happy - that's when you know it's all worth it.

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1 Comment

Egle Useliene
Egle Useliene
Aug 19, 2021

Aaaah, what a lovely post, I can so relate to putting your crafts in front of the customer 🙌 It's daunting but so rewarding 😊

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